Surgical Oncology
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Surgical Oncology

Montefiore's Department of Surgical Oncology is among the best in the nation, providing distinguished surgical treatment and patient care for all types of cancers. We use innovative minimally invasive methods and new combination therapeutic techniques to further build on our superior standard of care.

Performing Surgeries Unavailable Elsewhere

With a staff combining expertise from a number of important specialties — including breast, thoracic, head & neck and gastrointestinal cancer — we stand uniquely equipped to undertake the most difficult and delicate surgical procedures. Our reputation for managing complex cancer surgical problems with excellent outcomes is well-earned. We are able to successfully perform many surgeries unavailable at other facilities.

Crucial Advancements in Diagnostics

In the field of diagnosis, Montefiore uses state-of-the-art fusion scans. This sophisticated imaging technique combines the technology of CAT scans, MRI and PET scans to assess accurately the extent of tumors before and after treatment.

We also use intra-operative imaging techniques to assess tumors with more certainty during surgery and adjust our treatment accordingly, if necessary. The result of these new technologies is a previously unattainable wealth and accuracy of information that maximizes the effectiveness of our treatments.

Leaders in Surgical Developments

Montefiore has developed a number of significant techniques for the most challenging of oncological surgeries. Our localized therapies tackle metastatic cancers of the liver (tumors spread from another site), when standard chemotherapy and surgical intervention have failed. Instead, we use sophisticated radiofrequency hyperthermia or cryosurgery — which use heat and cold, respectively — to remove the tumor.

We also use proficient image guidance, another advanced technique, to minimize complications during liver tumor surgery. As a result, with this traditionally problematic surgery, Montefiore has a mortality rate of zero to 1 percent — two to four times lower than the national average.

Our exclusive auto vaccine approach combines our methods for removing tumors with vaccines that boost the human immune system, allowing the body to vaccinate itself against the tumor and attack cancer cells left behind. We are applying this same exciting and promising method to pancreatic cancer as well.

Maximizing the Use of Minimally Invasive Technology

Montefiore is constantly exploring how to best use minimally invasive surgical techniques to improve disease management for our cancer patients. We are now able to apply such technology for accurate diagnosis and staging of the cancer, precise treatment of tumors and improved palliation (pain and other relief) of patients with incurable cancer. For example, for cases that demand more severe intervention, such as malignancies of the prostate, Montefiore offers minimally invasive robotic surgery.

At the heart of all of Montefiore's efforts in Surgical Oncology is our commitment to seamless, oustanding patient care throughout the entire course of treatment. Our patients receive the highest caliber of care from the most capable and experienced practitioners.