RapidArc Radiation Therapy
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RapidArc Radiation Therapy

RapidArc radiation therapyThe Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care and Montefiore's Center for Radiation Therapy was among the first hospitals in the country, and the New York metropolitan area, to employ image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). A pioneer in cancer-fighting efforts, the Center launched advanced cancer treatment using Varian Medical System's revolutionary RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology for cancer patients, two months after the FDA approved it.

Patient Benefits of RapidArc™

RapidArc™ System radiotherapy technology is revolutionizing care for cancer patients. It is more precise than conventional radiotherapy and reduces what used to be a 10-15 minute treatment period to two minutes, up to eight times as fast.

Patients barely realize they are being treated, according to Shalom Kalnicki, MD, FACRO, Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology. "They walk in and walk out as if nothing has happened. In addition to providing a more efficient treatment time span and less discomfort to patients, RapidArc™ reduces the chance of tumor movement during treatment, decreases the actual dose of radiation and the scattering of radiation outside the tumor and preserves more healthy tissue than conventional radiotherapy."

Montefiore physicians provide the high quality images through concise, multi-faceted x-ray capabilities of the upgraded Varian Medical Systems' Trilogy™ System. Montefiore has upgraded Trilogy™ System units with RapidArc™. Using this technology, RapidArc™ calculates the location, distance and density of the tumor to deliver intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) rapidly to the tumor location. RapidArc™ delivers the radiation treatment while circling around the patient, using a beam with pinpoint accuracy to deliver the dose.

With 180 possible stops around the 360-degree arc and customized doses at various angles, the number of possible treatment solutions becomes infinite. Thanks to its precision, outcomes are already demonstrating a 25 percent increase in quality of life to Montefiore's cancer patients.

In 2011, Montefiore began using TrueBeam™, a new Varian radiation therapy device that enables patients with reoccurring cancer to be treated.

Highly Specialized Team

RapidArc™ is an extremely valuable advancement but one that requires a highly specialized team to maximize its use. Our team includes physicians, physicists and technicians from many disciplines who are dedicated to advancing radiation therapy.

Dr. Kalnicki is internationally recognized for his expertise in IMRT, frameless body stereotactic radiosurgery, and prostate and breast cancer surgeries. A recipient of several awards, he has authored numerous articles and abstracts and is actively engaged in multiple research projects.

As one of the dedicated pioneers of seed implantation and IGRT, William Bodner, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology leads the RapidArc™ team with more than 15 years of service in fighting prostate cancer.

The physics team is led by Wolfgang A. Tomé, Ph.D., FAAPM, DABR, Professor and Director, Division of Therapeutic Medical Physics, who is widely known for his expertise in Therapeutic Medical Physics and Assistant Professor of Clinical radiation Oncology; and Gary Kuo, PhD, DABR who has vast experience in computer algorithms and optimization of radiation therapy planning.

Pioneering Research

Dr. Kalnicki and his team have adopted RapidArc™ research as part of our team's agenda and are continuously studying patient cases and measuring outcomes to identify areas of improvement. Together, they are pioneering efforts to enhance patient treatment and deploy the RapidArc technology for a range of cancers, including:

Unlike many other facilities that may also offer RapidArc™ technology, Montefiore offers an all-encompassing, holistic approach to patient care, coordinating everything from patients' transportation to appointments with multiple experts to save them time to scheduling treatment and participation in lifestyle programs that pertain to nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

Our multidisciplinary approach enables patients to be seen by a cohesive orchestra of experts all at once to ask questions about treatment options. This coordinated care not only benefits patients for convenience of scheduling, but also the expertise of an entire team who discuss and analyze every treatment plan possible.