Lung Cancer and Chest Diseases
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Lung Cancer and Chest Diseases

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. At the Montefiore-Einstein Center for Cancer Care, we are at the forefront of new and innovative methods for preventing and treating lung cancer. Our team-oriented approach combines breakthrough therapies in radiotherapy, chemotherapy, drug intervention and surgery with exceptional, comprehensive patient care.

Multidisciplinary Care for Early Detection and Treatment

Montefiore's multidisciplinary team includes some of the nation's finest and most experienced surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists, who meet to discuss each case to determine the most appropriate and effective course of treatment.

We offer our patients unique approaches for the early detection, treatment and management of lung cancer. While effective lung cancer screening methods are still being developed, we can identify those most at risk for this disease, including cigarette, pipe and cigar smokers; those who are regularly exposed to secondhand and environmental smoke; those who have been exposed to radon and asbestos; and those who have had certain lung diseases (like tuberculosis) or have previously had lung cancer.

Treating Lung Cancer

Montefiore's physicians are specially trained in all areas of lung cancer treatment, including surgical intervention to remove part or all of the affected lung, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, photodynamic therapy and drug therapy. Whenever appropriate and available, we offer our patients access to participation in the latest clinical trials.

Smoking Cessation Program

Unlike many cancers, research has been able to identify the main cause of lung cancer: tobacco smoking. We also know that this is a highly preventable illness. Individuals who quit smoking decrease their chances of developing lung cancer. Montefiore is concerned about the health of our community and works diligently to help motivated smokers kick the cigarette habit.

Our six-week Smoking Cessation Program is aimed at providing our community with the tools and resources they need to successfully quit smoking. Our offerings include self-hypnosis and other cognitive therapy approaches, group support, inspiration and motivation from speakers, and community education.

Creative and Innovative Approach to Research

The Montefiore-Einstein Center for Cancer Care and its partner, Albert Einstein Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, are recognized for their creative and innovative approach to research in the field of lung cancer. At present, our research efforts focus largely on cytogenetics (the study of chromosomes), experimental therapies and the development of novel drug treatments. In particular, we focus on new molecularly targeted therapies, which use drugs to arrest the cancer's growth by targeting certain molecules involved in developing cancer.

Research and Clinical Trials

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to follow the evolution of new drug treatments from creation in our own laboratories through trial use. We are developing effective, easy and convenient therapies, such as those administered orally or, eventually, inhaled and absorbed through the lungs.

Montefiore sets the standard for lung cancer prevention, treatment and research. Our patients have access to the most advanced therapies in the hands of expert physicians equipped to make the right recommendations at the earliest possible stage.