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The Department of Pathology at Montefiore Medical Center is one of the largest and most comprehensive medical center laboratories on the East Coast. With a large staff and more than 50 pathologists and doctoral researchers, our laboratories generate over 10 million laboratory test results, interpretations and diagnostic consultations each year.

Using an advanced software program developed by Tylis Chang, MD, we efficiently monitor the flow of information coming into all of our pathology labs. We can easily track appointment turnaround times, monitor performance, improve quality control, reduce medical errors and provide appropriate staffing for research studies. As a hospital committed to excellence, we are unwavering in our determination to deliver accurate results as quickly as possible.

Some of the procedures conducted in our laboratory, include:

Blood Tests and Tumor Markers

To help evaluate patients, a variety of blood tests and tumor markers are used by the cancer team at Montefiore Medical Center to measure levels of chemical components in the body fluids and tissues. Learn more about these procedures.


Cytology is the study of individual cells to find abnormal cells. Learn how cytology is used by the cancer team at Montefiore Medical Center to diagnose cancer.