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Research lies at the heart of all medical progress. The Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care and our research partner, Albert Einstein Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, have a shared belief in the power of research to improve technologies therapies and patient outcomes.

Our outstanding team of dedicated laboratory research faculty has a wealth of expertise and an unrivaled commitment to helping our patients live longer, healthier lives. Our faculty's primary areas of expertise are tumor biology, cancer chemotherapy, and translational research (applying information obtained in the lab to the clinic).

We are developing as many highly effective therapies as possible to offer patients ample options in order to determine the right drug or combination of drugs for their individual situation.

Our patients are given opportunities to participate in early-stage studies to determine if a new therapy effectively works for them. The trials are preceded by intensive and extensive laboratory research, and the potential benefits of participating in these clinical studies are numerous, including the opportunity for our patients to receive the latest treatments long before they are available anywhere else.

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Albert Einstein Cancer Center

The Albert Einstein Cancer Center (AECC) was among the first cancer centers on medical school campuses to be funded by the National Cancer Institute in 1972 following passage of the National Cancer Act the previous year. AECC has had continuous center funding by the National Cancer Institute since that time. Find out more about the advancements made by AECC.

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