Brain Tumors

Adult Brain Tumor Program

The Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care utilizes a multidisciplinary approach when addressing adult brain tumor patients. Each patient is discussed in a multispecialty tumor board composed of physicians specializing in neurological surgery, neuro-radiology, neuro-oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology and neuropathology. Surgical and nonsurgical techniques are discussed in relation to each particular case.

Our surgeons employ the latest intraoperative, three-dimensional frameless stereotactic computer systems, allowing them to utilize skin surface markers in order to isolate and locate deep-seated lesions in the brain. By using these navigation tools, surgeons are able to remove brain tumors with higher precision and cause less harm to surrounding brain tissue.

Montefiore is also one of the first medical centers in New York City to utilize real-time, intraoperative CAT scanning while performing several different types of intracerebral surgeries. Surgeons at Montefiore have advanced the field of minimally invasive, endoscopic skull-base surgery, and they utilize the latest three-dimensional neuro-endoscopes to minimize tissue trauma and shorten hospital stays.

Our radiation oncologists are specialists in neuro-oncology and provide optimal radiation treatment for patients with brain tumors. Our stereotactic radiosurgery program is based on a linear particle accelerator, which allows us to provide a single high dose of radiation therapy to the brain or the spine. Radiosurgery can be the definitive treatment for many different central nervous system tumors, thus avoiding the need for surgery.

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