Types of Robotic Thoracic Surgery

Robotic thoracic surgery for mediastinal, esophageal and thymus gland tumors at Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care is reducing the impact of traditional surgery and providing a less invasive means of diagnosis and treatment. Smaller incisions allow quicker recovery and are less painful for the patient.

Mediastinal Tumors

Mediastinal masses, or tumors found near the windpipe or major bronchial airways, or under the breastbone, may be evaluated and treated based on minimally invasive incisions guided by imaging studies. Some tumors are benign and can be removed surgically; others need only a biopsy for diagnosis. Using less invasive means of diagnosis and treatment avoids more painful and larger incisions for the patient.

Esophageal Tumors

A variety of disorders that affect the esophagus can now be treated with robotic techniques. Thoracic surgeons at Montefiore are using robotic technology to operate on the esophagus with small incisions. Instead of large thoracotomies, these smaller incisions allow quicker postoperative recovery and are less painful for the patient.

Thymectomy (Thymus Gland Removal)

Patients with an autoimmune condition known as myasthenia gravis suffer muscle weakness in the face, eyes and throat. A standard treatment for such patients frequently includes removal of the fatty tissue underneath the breastbone known as the thymus gland. Robotic surgery is being used at the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care to perform this operation through three small ports in the right chest, thereby eliminating the need to divide the breastbone. Many of these patients are young women with severe muscle weakness, and the robotic procedure has allowed their early hospital discharge and return to activity with excellent cosmetic results.

Access to Traditional Surgery

Surgeons at Montefiore understand that not all patients who might benefit from robotic surgery will feel comfortable with new advances. If patients remain wary about robotic surgery after face-to-face discussions with their surgeon, our team will discuss traditional thoracic surgery. In addition, the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care offers an array of valuable Cancer Prevention and Support Services to aid those suffering from any type of cancer. Whether your needs are physical, spiritual or emotional, our exceptional supportive services will enhance your life.