Allergy & Immunology

asthmaThe Division of Allergy and Immunology at Montefiore offers patients the expertise of our allergists available at one of our three sites. The Division specializes in allergic and immunologic conditions, including:

We provide our patients with expert diagnoses and aggressive treatment approaches. Rather than simply treating symptoms, we identify the causes of allergies and then develop treatment plans tailored to a patient's individual allergy problem. Our experts regularly appear on year-end lists of the best physicians in the New York metropolitan area, and patients in need of specialized care are often referred to us by their primary care physicians.


When patients are first referred to us, we diagnose their condition over the course of several visits. To gain a thorough medical overview, our highly trained nurses spend as long as two hours with patients during their initial visit. These examinations often include the following:

When necessary, we give additional allergy skin tests until we feel confident that we have found what is causing a patient's allergies. Once patients have been diagnosed, we offer thorough follow-up treatment and complete management of all aspects of their care.


Following diagnosis, we use three common treatment methods that are aimed at minimizing the patient's exposure to common triggers of allergies:

Even when multiple causes are responsible for a patient's allergies, we can devise a highly beneficial course of treatment.

Prevention and Wellness

We help our patients understand how to reduce their symptoms by avoiding exposure to their allergy triggers. Find helpful tips on:

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