Hematology/Oncology Curriculum

The three-year Hematology Oncology fellowship program at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is designed to equip fellows with skills in research and the clinical practice of benign and malignant hematology, solid tumors, and bone marrow transplantation. During their rotations, fellows are exposed to a broad, diversified range of patient cases through intensive inpatient and outpatient experience under the close supervision of experienced specialists (Breast, Head and Neck, GU/GI, and Lung Cancers, Thrombosis, Hemoglinopathies, MDS)

Clinical training is conducted at Montefiore Medical Center, and Albert Einstein Cancer Center. The hematology/oncology fellows' responsibilities include outpatient, inpatient and consultation services in oncology, hematology and hematologic malignancies. Fellows are required to complete 18 months clinical rotations to satisfy the American Board of Internal medicine (ABIM) requirements for subspecialty boards in hematology and oncology. The following is a typical rotation schedule of the first 18 months of clinical training for the hematology/oncology fellow:

Clinical Hematology
In-patient consult
Transfusion medicine
Coagulation/Laboratory testing
Thrombosis/General Hematology Clinic
General hematology clinic

4 months
1 month
1/2 month
Weekly for 6 months
Weekly for 6 months

Clinical Oncology
In-patient at Moses
     Solid tumor in-patient
     Stem cell transplant

6.0 months
1.2 months
2.4 months
1.2 months
1.2 months

Hematology Oncology

6 months

After Fellows fulfill 18 months of clinical rotations, they may choose research and participate in basic science (i.e. stem cell biology, molecular biology, and molecular causes of tumorogenesis in colon mucosa), and molecular translational studies, in addition to clinical hematology and oncology research. They may also choose clinical electives: either as a concentration of 6 months in one specialty with designated mentor or as monthly rotations. If concentration in one specialty areas is chosen, a mentor will supervise structured clinics, conferences, and clinical research project.


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