Types of Stem Cell Transplant

A stem cell (blood or marrow) transplant is the infusion, or injection, of healthy stem cells into the body to replace damaged or diseased stem cells. Much like a blood transfusion, patients receive the stem cells intravenously. Your doctor will explain that there are several basic techniques for stem cell transplantation, based on where the stem cells originate:

In the past, unfortunately, as many as 50 percent of patients were unable to undergo the procedure because they could not find a fully matched donor. However, in recent years, Montefiore has been at the forefront of one of the most game-changing developments in stem cell transplantation: haploidentical transplantation.

The Most Advanced Treatment Options

Haploidentical transplants require that the donor be only partially matched with the recipient. The ability to perform these procedures has revolutionized stem cell transplantation by both broadening the pool of donors and allowing for their swift, timely and effective identification. This shorter waiting period is particularly invaluable to those who are facing aggressive strands of leukemia and lymphoma.

Exciting new targeted agents that are available to our patients include innovative oral therapies, such as BTK-inhibitors for indolent lymphomas, or targeted antibody-drug conjugates, such as brentuximab vedotin for T-cell lymphomas, mogamulizumab for acute T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATLL), and combotox for lymphoblastic leukemia.

Montefiore is one of only four medical centers in the New York metropolitan area that is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) for the full spectrum of stem cell transplant procedures.  FACT accreditation—the preeminent designation that a stem cell transplantation program can achieve—is the international gold standard by which they are all measured.  This stamp of excellence assures you that our team is of the highest caliber and highly trained to offer the most refined and groundbreaking services available in this rapidly evolving, cutting-edge field.

Our physicians are among the tri-state region's most experienced and accomplished experts in this advanced, state-of-the-art technique and others available through cutting-edge research.